I've been living in Italy!

March 24th, 2021

Hi friends,

Where does the time go? As you may or may not know, I've been spending the last 8 months in Italy. It has been a real treat for our family, (my wife originates from here, which is why we were able to leave in the first place). My son has become fluent in Italian, (I'm still working hard at it). I've spent my time composing tunes, learning to perfect the cooking of my favorite dish- Amatriciana, running through the hills of Umbria and dreaming about the next time I can perform live again.

It's been very surreal to watch the USA from a distance. So much has happened in 8 months that it is hard to wrap my head around it. As I see a couple of recent mass shootings, it is difficult to understand how an ongoing thing like this will eventually find a resolution. How has it gone on for so long and nothing being done? 

On a positive note, I have been writing and recording a ton of new music. There is a lot of work that still needs to go into finishing up all the tracks, and deciding which avenue to release it on. Inspiringly, it's more music than is needed for a full length record, so maybe I'll be sprinkling some songs in a bunch of different trees. I'll be making a conscious effort to keep this "news" section of my website updated a little more than I used to, (which was never, so that should be pretty easy to do). 

Also, I continue to play online, as we're all waiting for the real world to open up again for everyone. I have been making a habit of performing remotely on Saturday evenings. I hope you can tune in and watch me.

I miss you America, you weird, complicated country. See you soon,




Nathan Palan, (aka Waylan Daniel), is a musician, composer, and the producer of This Band Could Be Your Food, a podcast combining music history with food recipes.  He is a member of The Last Nites, Electric Automatic, Waylan St. Palan & The Magic Elves, Hometown Sweethearts, and The Dark Streets

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